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Fitz Hugh Lane - New England Inlet with Self Portrait
Self Portrait

Fitz Henry Lane

(19 December 1804 - 14 August 1865)

Fitz Henry Lane (born Nathaniel Rogers Lane, also known as Fitz Hugh Lane) (19 December 1804 - 14 August 1865) was an American painter and printmaker of a style that would later be called Luminism, for its use of pervasive light.

Fitz Henry Lane was born on December 19, 1804, in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Lane was christened Nathaniel Rogers Lane on March 17, 1805, and would remain known as such until he was 27. It was not until March 13, 1832 that the state of Massachusetts would officially grant Lane's own formal request (made in a letter dated December 26, 1831) to change his name from Nathaniel Rogers to Fitz Henry Lane.

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